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Lance Armstrong's Book "Every Second Counts" to be Released October 7

Dave Aiello wrote, "This morning, I pre-ordered a copy of Lance Armstrong's new book,
Every Second Counts
, from Amazon.com. The book is going to be available on Tuesday, October 7."

"I absolutely loved Lance Armstong's first book,
It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life
, and I believe that this book has made a real difference in my life:"

  • It gave me insight into what made Lance Armstrong the most dominant athletic champion of my generation.
  • It inspired me to be aggressive in the face of the uncertainties in my life, which certainly pale in comparison to those that Armstrong has faced.
  • Finally, it has helped me to support my friends and family members who have experienced cancer, and to better understand their struggles.

"I'm strongly recommending Every Second Counts, in spite of the fact that I have only read the first chapter of it. (You can read Chapter 1 yourself on LanceArmstrong.com.) This chapter artfully summarizes most of the key points of It's Not About the Bike for those people who haven't read it, while bringing others up to date, at least to the time period preceding this year's Tour de France. If the first chapter is indicative of the entertainment value of the entire book, we will not be disappointed."

"There are a couple of other reasons why I think Every Second Counts will be a big hit. One of them is Sally Jenkins, Lance Armstrong's co-author on both books. Sally Jenkins is to Lance Armstrong's books what teammates like Roberto Heras, Manuel Beltran, and George Hincapie are to his cycling-- Armstrong would not be the great champion that he is without the contributions of these people. I don't think Sally Jenkins has ever contributed to a book that isn't well written and interesting."

"Another reason this book will be worth reading is that Lance Armstrong has demonstrated that he knows what it takes to repeat great performances. A man with five Tour de France wins has to be able to deconstruct previous performances, figure out what worked and what didn't, listen to his advisors, make a new plan, and execute it."

"In an interview with CyclingNews.com, Lance Armstong talked about the new book and how the publisher added a new chapter after the book was completed, to address the latest events in his life:"

We got lucky because the book was actually printed and in the warehouse and then the Tour happened. The lead time on books is amazing; they're done printing in July for an October release. So the publisher realized that this year's Tour was so exciting that it's gotta be in the book. So they went back and looked at how many new pages they could cram in there before the binding bends. It turned out to be 15 more pages and they could re-bind it. I mean, the book was done! But now we have a final chapter and the afterward, and we have another ending, which is a whole new chapter that includes the Tour and all the great stories about Luz Ardiden and the reaction from the team after that... it's good.

"It's hard to believe that the additional 15 pages will not also touch on Lance's pending divorce from his wife, Kristin Armstrong. I'm hoping that if he does discuss the divorce, he deals with it in the same forthright manner that he has used with other difficulties in his life."

"These are a few of the reasons why I'll be reading Every Second Counts as soon as I can get my hands on it. I'm very confident that I'll enjoy it, and if I don't, I'll be back to say why."

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