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May 4, 2009

Plans to Celebrate the CTDATA's 20th Anniversary

We are planning to celebrate CTDATA's 20th anniversary in August 2009. By that time, I hope to restructure the home page of CTDATA.com to reflect the business as it is today.

It's been a long time since the home page of CTDATA.com has been an active blog. More active blogs exist at Operation Gadget, DaveAiello.com, the RinkAtlas.com blog, and HockeyRefCast. I plan to move the CTDATA blog off of the home page but keep it, since there is still some historical value to what was published here.

I'm trying to decide how much space to devote to aggregating activity from the more active sites that we publish, and how I want to promote the ongoing businesses of weblog consulting and small scale webhosting. I'll post an update when I've made a decision.