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April 25, 2001

Hotel Rooms Reserved for Wedding Guests

Dave Aiello wrote, "A number of people have asked us to recommend a place to stay in the Greater Philadelphia area for the weekend of the wedding. My father has reserved a block of rooms at Hampton Inn & Suites Valley Forge-Oaks in Oaks, PA. As I understand it, the price we have been quoted is $85.00 per room per night."

"In order to receive a room in this block, you must make your reservation by telephone, and state that you will be attending the Aiello-Kuykendall wedding. Hampton Inn's telephone number is 610-676-0900. The deadline for reservations at this rate is Wednesday, June 6. If there are any further updates to this information, I will post them here."

"For those of you requiring further location information, this hotel is much closer to the reception site than to the church. Allow at least 45 minutes to get to Tenth Presbyterian Church, at least an hour to get to Haddonfield, NJ."

April 13, 2001

Bug in VMware Workstation 2.0 Causes a Problem with Windows 2000 Clients

Dave Aiello wrote, "For the last few days, I have been trying to document an annoying problem with the suspend-to-disk feature on my Linux laptop and its interaction with VMware Workstation 2.0 for Linux (specifically, 2.0.3 build-799). I managed to repeat the problem and it is this: if you attempt to use the suspend-to-disk feature when a Windows 2000 virtual machine is in full screen mode, the laptop will hang, rather than suspend."

Dave Aiello continues:

I have followed every recommendation in the support section of the VMware Web Site. I have also read the Troubleshooting Guest Operating System document, where it indicates:

Linux host operating systems, even those that support Advanced Power Management (APM), may have problems if a laptop
computer suspends while virtual machines are running. The virtual machines may hang and not restart.

None of the cases that VMware described exactly matched my situation. So, I filed a tech support case. If I get any indication of how to resolve or work around the problem (apart from not suspending with Windows 2000 in full screen mode), I will post the information here as a follow-up.

What is the VMware section of ctdata.com?

The VMware section of ctdata.com is a place to document our experiences with VMware's products. At the present time, CTDATA uses VMware Workstation for Linux extensively, and we have recommended it to several of our clients as a way to improve the productivity of software developers and testers.

April 12, 2001

CTDATA Beefs Up Production Network Security

Dave Aiello wrote, "CTDATA customers, please note that we implemented an additional layer of security on our production network on Thursday, April 12. This security permits us to monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic to a much greater level than ever before."

"Whenever network security is increased, there is a possibility that customers may experience temporary interruptions of network services. If you should notice any inexplicable network problems, you may be experiencing a side-effect of our upgrade which we did not find and fix. If that is the case, please send me an email at dave_aiello@ctdata.com, and we will try to correct the situation as quickly as possible."