April 25, 2001

Hotel Rooms Reserved for Wedding Guests

Dave Aiello wrote, "A number of people have asked us to recommend a place to stay in the Greater Philadelphia area for the weekend of the wedding. My father has reserved a block of rooms at Hampton Inn & Suites Valley Forge-Oaks in Oaks, PA. As I understand it, the price we have been quoted is $85.00 per room per night."

"In order to receive a room in this block, you must make your reservation by telephone, and state that you will be attending the Aiello-Kuykendall wedding. Hampton Inn's telephone number is 610-676-0900. The deadline for reservations at this rate is Wednesday, June 6. If there are any further updates to this information, I will post them here."

"For those of you requiring further location information, this hotel is much closer to the reception site than to the church. Allow at least 45 minutes to get to Tenth Presbyterian Church, at least an hour to get to Haddonfield, NJ."

January 19, 2001

So, Where's the Wedding?

Carolyn Lange recently wrote, "Great web site on the wedding and you are already registered!!! Wow. You two are efficient. So, where is the wedding?
(Philly, NJ?)"

Dave Aiello responds, "Thanks for the compliment on the Web Site. I spent about 5,000 hours of programming time creating this Web Site framework, so I try to use it as often as possible."

"To answer your question, we are getting married on July 7, 2001, at Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. This is the church where Kathleen and her family are members. She and I attend services there regularly, when I am in town."

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December 11, 2000

Engagement Announcement Appears in Inquirer

Joyce Kuykendall (Kathleen's mother) successfully placed an engagement announcement in the December 10 (print) edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer. We found it today in their on-line edition, which is how we are able to point to it from here.

We assume that this page will persist for a while, but recommend that you take a look at it and print it out if you are interested.

November 24, 2000

Directions to 31 Birchwood Road, Denville

A meeting of families of Kathleen Kuykendall and Dave Aiello will take place on Saturday, November 25, at 2:00pm Eastern Time. Attendance is by invitation only. The location will be Ernie Aiello's house, 31 Birchwood Road, Denville, NJ.

Read on for directions to the location.

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