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February 23, 2004

Dan Farber of ZDNet Produces an Excellent Summary of State-of-the-Art Blogging

Dave Winer pointed to an article by Dan Farber of ZDNet called What's up with blogging, and why should you care?. In it, Farber names the leading weblog publishing tools but focuses on cutting edge uses such as political weblogs and technology-oriented weblogs written by people like Dan Gilmore of the San Jose Mercury News and Robert Scoble of Microsoft.

Farber also points out Feedster and Technorati, key Blogosphere infrastructure sites that have been around a while, but are still being discovered by a lot of weblog readers. This is an important service to the community, because a lot of ZDNet readers are corporate IT people who could probably use some guidance to sites like these.

Normally, ZDNet columnists like Dan Farber produce very high level pieces aimed generally at the corporate world. But, this article hits a sweet spot: lots of useful information for both insiders and newbies. It seems like he "gets it" with respect to what's going on in the weblogging community, and a lot of journalists coming from his perspective still don't.