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Slashcode BOF Session Takes Place at LinuxWorld

Dave Aiello wrote, "Last night, I attended a Birds of a Feather (BOF) session on the Slashcode publishing system at LinuxWorld Expo in New York City. This session was attended by members of the core group of Slashcode maintainers, a few people interested in installing or hacking existing Slash sites, people who maintain Slash 1.x-based sites, and people who have forked from the current or previous distributions. (A lot of people reading this are totally lost now.)"

"I had never been to a BOF before, so I was interested in what they were like. After being at one, I am not sure that they are all the same. At this BOF, the people who consider themselves the maintainers sat or stood in front of a conference room and took questions from the people who considered themselves visitors. The BOF was moderated by Brian Aker who operates under the handle Krow on Slashdot and Slashcode."

"I had never met Brian before, but I thought he did a good job leading the discussion. The other members of the development team who attended chipped in with comments from time to time. In that way, I wish that the session had been more peer-to-peer oriented. It would be nice if I could remember exactly who was there. But, I was not able to associate names with faces to the extent that I had wanted prior to the session."

Dave Aiello continued:

One of the most refreshing parts of the discussion was the core developers' belief that Slashcode is a content management system. This is something that we have been arguing on this Web Site for many months. There is nothing inherently superior to Slash in the design of Vignette or Interwoven. These platforms have huge marketing resources behind them, and they have been adapted to more corporate purposes due to the vast amounts of capital their customers have paid to license them.

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