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Dave Aiello Quoted in O'Reilly's Online Catalog

Dave Aiello wrote, "I Googled myself a little while ago, as I do from time to time, and found that I am now quoted on the reviews page for the book
Running Weblogs with Slash
. O'Reilly's web site quotes me as follows:"

if you have a desire to build a web site running on Slash and you don't want to spend the months that it took me to read the code line-by-line, 'Running Weblogs with Slash' is a good place to start...I would strongly recommend this book to you if you plan to build a Slash-based site and you want to develop a basic understanding of the Slash software as quickly as possible.

(The passage originally appeared in my review of 'Running Weblogs with Slash' that ran on Slashdot about a year ago.)

"This is one of the happiest discoveries I've made recently. To the folks that run oreilly.com, thanks for quoting me."

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