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Wired News Suggests that Many Weblogs have Short Lifecycles

Wired News reports many new weblogs are created by the former authors of older weblogs, and that the lifecycle of weblogs is shorter than many recent mainstream media articles have implied.

The article points to F***ed Weblog, an offshoot of Davezilla that is a weblog following the demise of other weblogs. This is modeled after F***ed Company, a very successful sited that has tracked the demise of many Dot Coms.

Another idea for a website is a content syndication site in reverse. It would monitor the RSS feeds of weblogs, looking for a long gap in publishing. It would somehow sort the weblogs by length of outage, or a ratio of total stories published in the 90 day period prior to the last update and the length of the outage. It could be done programmatically, but no one has done it, as far as we know.

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