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Steven Levy Writes about Weblogs in Newsweek: Does it Matter?

Dave Aiello wrote, "In reading a number of the major weblogs, I've seen links to an article by Steven Levy in Newsweek called Living in the Blog-osphere. Levy is a famous technology columnist and author, but I'm wondering what new information he's bringing to the table. Let's look at a few comments from somewhat famous bloggers to find out:"

Glenn Fleishman, Levy on Blogging: "I like this Newsweek story by Steven Levy . It captures the encompassing blobbiness of blogging, and he doesn't fall into any of the old monolithic warblogging/techblogging/navelgazingblogging traps. Way to go! I'm mentioned only vaguely...he mentions a variety of kinds of blogs including those on 802.11 wireless networking."

JD Lasica, Newsweek's Levy on life in the blogosphere: "Levy's written about blogs before, and the column is accompanied by video clips he did several months ago."

Nick Denton, Steven Levy does blogs: "Levy's months behind his competitors in covering weblogs, but he's on the savvy side."

Dave Aiello continued, "The encompassing blobbiness of blogging? Let's face it, some of these big time bloggers fall asleep sometimes. I'd rather leave CTDATA without an update than write something that looks completely stupid when taken out of context. And, it wouldn't matter if they mentioned me or not."

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