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Fox Editorialist Likes Imus' Current Event Interviews

George Kuykendall pointed out an editorial by Eric Burns of FoxNews.com. Burns thinks that Don Imus is the "best interviewer on the air", at least when it comes to complex issues like the War on Terrorism. This is an interesting perspective, particularly because Imus appears on MSNBC, not Fox News.

The most questionable point made in this article is the one that Burns uses to try to get a laugh. Burns says of Imus, "...when he's not interviewing someone about the conduct of the war, he's probably telling a penis joke." If you are an Imus listener, answer this question: When is the last time you heard Imus tell a penis joke? The Imus In the Morning "cast" make jokes about the telling of off-color jokes all the time, but they don't do it much.

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