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In Memory of Jack Eichler, Retired Executive

Dave Aiello wrote, "It is with great sadness that I point out Jack Eichler's obituary on NJ.com. According to my father, this obituary appeared in the print editions of The Star-Ledger yesterday."

"Jack Eichler was my aunt Joan Aiello's brother, and I saw him fairly often at family get togethers. Yet, my most vivid memories of Jack is running into him in the World Trade Center or the World Financial Center on my way to work at my consulting client J.P. Morgan Chase."

Dave Aiello continued:

Until I read the Star-Ledger obituary, I did not know that he had retired back in 1994. Jack was the kind of person who obviously came into Lower Manhattan because he enjoyed it. I would have guessed that Jack was in his late 60s because I know how old my family members of his generation are. But, he never looked close to his age.

I know I saw Jack once or twice at the WFAN Radiothon for Tomorrow's Childrens' Fund over the past few years, when it was held at the Wintergarden of the World Financial Center. He must have listened to Imus in the Morning as do I and many people in my family.

Tomorrow afternoon, there will be a memorial service for Jack in Cedar Grove, NJ. I will be there to comfort my aunt Joan, her sisters-in-law Peggy Eichler and Lois Churchill, and Peggy's son Rod, whom I also saw downtown a number of times over the years. But I'd be there just for Jack, if he didn't have anyone else. Of the four people I know who died in the World Trade Center, I felt closest to him. I will miss him.

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