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CTDATA Puts Its Weblogs on Weblogs.com

Dave Aiello wrote, "For a long time, I have wondered why the weblogs that we run here at CTDATA are highly ranked by Google, but hardly exist from the perspective of some of the major weblog community sites. One of the problems I have noticed is that our sites do not appear on 'weblog aggregators' like weblogs.com."

"In the course of reading recent articles like Building with Blogs in Linux Journal, I came to the conclusion that a lot of weblog community sites are driven off aggregators like weblogs.com. So, I integrated a simple Perl script into our version of Slash called weblogUpdatesPing by Hans Kellner."

"This Perl script uses IO::Socket to create an XML-RPC connection to a server at weblogs.com. This notifies weblogs.com that one of our sites has been updated. Weblogs.com then hits the site to verify that the site has been updated, and adds it to its changes.xml document. Other weblog community sites read that document in order to derive statistics about the weblog community."

"The bottom line is that CTDATA.com, RCNJ.org, and AAHArefs.org will be on the RADAR screen of a lot more people in the weblog community. We'll see if this results in more traffic to our sites."

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