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ActiveState Releases Perl Dev Kit 4.0

ActiveState is now shipping Perl Dev Kit Version 4.0. This is the latest followup to the successful book/CD set that it co-published with O'Reilly several years ago.

The new Perl Dev Kit includes support for .NET, HP-UX, and Windows 95-98. Read on for a copy of the announcement mailed to registered users of previous versions....

ActiveState is pleased to announce the release of Perl Dev Kit 4.0, the
essential toolkit for Perl programmers.

Key new features in Perl Dev Kit 4.0 include:

* PerlNET - Existing Perl scripts can now be turned into .NET components and
used seamlessly in .NET Framework applications
* PerlApp - Support for Windows 9x/Me and HP-UX
* PerlCtrl - Support for Windows 9x/Me
* Smaller footprint for executables - PerlApp and PerlCtrl binaries reduced by

Included with Perl Dev Kit 4.0:

* PerlApp - Turn your Perl programs into ready-to-run executables
* PerlNET - Perl component builder for the Microsoft .NET Framework
* Perl Debugger - Painless, simple debugging for Perl scripts
* PerlCtrl - Build ActiveX controls with Perl
* PerlCOM - - Embed Perl interpreters into client applications
* PerlMSI - Use Perl programs to create Microsoft MSI installation files
* PerlSvc - Convert your Perl programs into Windows services
* Visual Package Manager - Manage your Perl installation locally or remotely

** Pricing and Licensing **

The Perl Dev Kit 4.0 is available for only $195. For more information, free
evaluation licenses, or to purchase, see:

Registered users of previous versions can upgrade to Perl Dev Kit 4.0 for only
$79.95. To upgrade, see:

Perl Dev Kit 4.0 is also included with membership to ASPN Perl, the complete
solution suite for Perl programmers. ASPN Perl also features Visual Perl, the
Perl plug-in for Visual Studio .NET; Komodo, the cross-platform, multi-language
IDE; plus access to Perl reference materials, interactive tools, and
comprehensive programming resources. For more information on ASPN Perl, see:

** Important installation information **

Please note that you *must* uninstall any previous versions of Perl Dev Kit
before installing Perl Dev Kit 4.0. If older versions are present the
installation will not replace certain key files, despite appearing to complete

** Patch available for PerlCtrl **

Earlier versions of the Perl Dev Kit contained a bug in the PerlCtrl component
that may result in deletion of the file system. This bug is not present in the
Perl Dev Kit 4.0 release.

Registered users of Perl Dev Kit 2.0 build 206 and up who do not wish to upgrade
at this time may obtain a free patch here:

The patch is a single file "perlctrl.bin" that replaces the file of the same
name in the \perl\bin directory.


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