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New PerlMonks Discussion on Sybase Interfaces

Dave Aiello wrote, "Over on PerlMonks, Michael Peppler posted an article comparing sybperl and DBI::Sybase. This may seem like navel-gazing to many of our readers, but it is critically important to a consulting project that I recently started."

"As I argue in my reply, many developers are using sybperl by default. This is a problem because sybperl has a documentation deficit when compared to DBI. Furthermore, much of the example code floating around in the securities industry is not of high quality. This almost always results in trouble when in the hands of a less experienced developer."

"DBI has a heck of a lot more documentation and good sample code than sybperl. But, as long as companies start using sybperl before the call people like us, we will have to continue to support it. So, I suggested that increased sybperl documentation and sample code be produced by the community."

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