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TreoMail Beta 2 Makes Application Usable for VoiceStream Users

Earlier today, Handspring announced the availability of TreoMail 1.0 Beta 2. We have downloaded the new version, updated a Treo, and compared the functionality of Beta 2 to Beta 1. We agree that the functionality and stability of this application has improved significantly.

Chief among the improvements is the addition of SMS notification for newly-received email messages. In Beta 1, SMS alerts were only available to TreoMail users who used Cingular as their mobile phone carrier. Now, this feature is available to users of the VoiceStream system. The SMS message alert feature is critical as long as the Treo 180 does not support GPRS.

There are five other major improvements to the TreoMail service. They are enumerated in an email sent to all TreoMail beta testers. Read on for the complete text of the email.

The email message sent to all TreoMail beta testers said:

Treo Mail Beta Testers!

Handspring has released a new and improved version of the Treo Mail beta software! In order to continue your free beta trial without interuption, you MUST update your software before May 2nd. After May 2nd, the current version will no longer be supported, and you will be unable to send and receive email using the the current version.

To download this update:

For Corporate Edition--double-click on your Treo Mail Desktop Assistant, then go to Software Updates.

For Internet Edition--visit Treo Mail Account Management at https://treomail.handspring.com/manageaccount/v_login.jsp. Log in, then go to Software Updates.

In addition to the download, these pages provide a list of what we have improved in this release and what known issues remain. Here are some highlights of things we have fixed:

* SMS notification of new email will now work for VoiceStream Wireless customers as well as Cingular Wireless customers.

* You will no longer receive fatal errors after deleting messages. The specific message was "DataMgr.c, Line:8589, Index out of range"

* You will no longer receive multiple copies of a single email on your Treo.

* POP3 customers will no longer receive multiple copies of the warning email about inability to contact the POP3 server.

* Editing email filters has been improved and stabilized.

* Treo Mail Corporate Desktop Edition Setup will no longer show the message saying "Deliver email for to my Treo"

These changes are a direct result of the feedback and bug reports we have received from you. Thank you for helping to make Treo Mail a better product!


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