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Slashdot Story Illustrates Validity of Concerns about Rights of End Users under Copyright Law

Normally, we don't go out of our way to point out articles that appear on Slashdot. After all, everyone who is really into the Web and related digital technologies seems to read it anyway. But, an article that appeared on Slashdot yesterday was definitely worth studying because the author made a number of fair points about the possible erosion of the Fair Use Doctrine in Copyright Law as digital entertainment technology advances.

The article points to an LA Times article about anti-piracy measures that may be implemented in future Digital TVs. The author of the Slashdot piece points out that the types of copy controls being proposed may limit the value of devices like TiVo and other means that may be developed to allow people to time-shift or location-shift their viewing.

It's fairly easy to see why so many technology savvy people get so worried by these sorts of industry initiatives. The producers of television, movies, and music have every right to be concerned about the value of their product in an environment where rampant copying is condoned. This article, in context with some of the more reasonable Slashdot user commentary, illustrates the concerns that consumers will express once they understand the Entertainment Industry's goals (as well as the technology they intend to deploy) better.

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